Rental Policies


A security deposit of $500 will be paid on the Salon rental when the contract is signed.  The rental fee must be paid in full twelve (12) weeks prior to the date of the scheduled event or by the specified due date.  The contract will be automatically canceled if a check is returned by the bank.  There will be a $200 late fee charge if the rental is not paid on time or if any changes are made to this contract (this includes date changes and venue changes). Date changes can only be made 3 months prior to your event.


If due a deposit, you will be able to collect it in check form 3 days after the rental date provided that there are no damages or repairs are necessary. Any damages made to Arellano Palace llc and/or its furniture will be deducted from the security deposit.


All activities must end by 1 :00 A.M.  All band equipment, DJ equipment, and decorations must be removed by  12:00 A.M. (These are subject to over-run charges). Any excess of rental over run time will have a charge of $500.00 an hour.


Use of tape, fire, rice, birdseed, or confetti:

The use of fire, rice, birdseed, and/or confetti before, during, or after the rental is strictly prohibited inside and outside the Salon.

**** YOU CAN NOT TAPE ANYTHING TO THE WALLS. ***  Lit candles are prohibited. Taco trucks/carts are prohibited inside.


Tables and chairs:

Additional tables and chairs may NOT be brought in the Salon.

If any tables or chairs are removed from the property there will be a charge of $100 per table and $50 per chair that is removed from the original ballroom set-up.



The Salon is not responsible for any accidents or injuries on or about the premises.  The Salon is not responsible for injuries resulting from the use of any appliance, equipment, or furniture in the Salon. The renting party agrees to indemnify and hold the Salon harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, cost, and expense, including reasonable Attorney fees for the defense thereof, arising from accidents, injuries, or other conduct occurring on the premises during the rental period or from any breach of the lease by the renting party, or from any negligence by the renting party its agents, employees, guests, or invites.  If any of the foregoing claims are asserted against the Salon, the renting party covenants to defend such claim of legal action or processing by counsels acceptable to the Salon.

Missing or damaged Property:

Any damage of the Salon property or contents, other than normal wear and tear, is the responsibility of the renting party.  The Salon is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen articles of the renting party/guest.

No food is to be left overnight in the salon.  Food is not allowed to be dumped anywhere in or outside the salon property.


Booking Policies

For all event or occasions, will confirm space up to 24 months prior contract.